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  • User 9
    I can’t believe there are 27 designers in Williamsburg!
  • User 1
    You can’t believe there are 27 designers in Williamsburg?
  • User 9
    Well, I always KNEW we were here, but it’s weird to finally meet you.
  • User 4
    I can’t believe it isn’t weirder!
  • User 1
    It is weirder

Learn from each other.

  • User 7
    Damnit.    SNI is failing for some IE users.
  • User 6
    It’s XP, not IE: http://
  • User 7
    Thanks @Alfonse. Sadly, still means I can’t use it.
  • User 2
    XP is officially EOLed by MS on Apr 8.
  • User 7
    !!  Not much love for XP, but props for surviving 13 years!

Build real relationships.

  • User 3
    Meh, I'm just having another day of not thinking straight.
  • User 8
    @Troy I'm having a shitty day too.
  • User 3
    Sorry to hear that Wendy.
  • User 5
    You two want to grab a beer after work?
  • User 8
    I’d do that. @Troy? Beer?!

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